Musikreview: „Home“ von Kris James

Continuing with the solo career

Most people should know Kris James from the boy band „The Scheme“. Although this band was less popular in Germany, it was a big thing on the island in the UK. Kris James, who was the lead singer of the band, is now starting his solo career since mid 2018. You can find out all the background to this and what his new single is like in this article.

InterpretKris James
GenreSinger Songwriter

The artist Kris James

His solo career actually got off to a very good start. His debut single „Eyes Open“ reached number 25 in the official iTunes charts at the time, where it stayed for four weeks. The follow-up single „Anymore“ was released in autumn 2018 and entered the official iTunes chart at number 1 in the genre „Electronic“ on the day of its release. James‘ third single, „I’ll be Here“, reached number 19 in the official iTunes overall charts. The song was produced by Tom Fuller, who is best known for his work with Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams.


However, he released his first proper album under Fairwood Music Publishing in 2021, which brought him some success in other European countries such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Now, he has recently released his new single „Home“. Let’s take a listen.

The single „Home“ with music video

„Home“ was released on 28 October 2022 and tells a very stirring story. One is all the more drawn into its emotional spell when watching its music video.

Kris‘ ability is to get in touch with his feelings and emotions and transfer them into a song that everyone can hear. Kris can take the different experiences and emotions and put them into a song. He does that incredibly well and you can hear it in his new single especially.


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The music video has already experienced a bombastic increase after this short time and is currently at almost 300,000 views. Kris James is also listened to by almost 150,000 people on Spotify. Although there were many sad fans when „The Scheme“ disbanded, they can now be happy to still have such an active Kris James and continue to enjoy his music.

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